• Silava June Ogana

OIL CLEANSING BALM: The future in Skincare

What is a cleansing balm?

A cleansing balm is a cleanser with a balmy texture. One can use the balm exactly as you would with any other foamy cleanser to wash your face, in the morning and at night. What separates this variation of the skin care staple is the fact this particular variation undergoes a physical change from a dense balm to a silky cleansing oil upon contact.

How to double cleanse

Simply scoop out your desired balm amount—we found the smaller the scoop, the better (think no larger than a quarter) as the balm transforms into an oil and covers a lot of ground in its liquid state. A bit of a facial massage may be required to see the maximum absorption benefits. Wash away or use a wet face towel to wipe away the oil, then follow with your usual cleanser thereafter.

Cleansing balms are rich in oils, they are also ideal for gently scrubbing away the day’s makeup. We particularly love a good cleansing balm on the eyes to melt off stubborn mascara without pulling or tugging the delicate eye area.

The benefits

Unlike many other cleansers that can be synonymous with taut, cleansing balms are kind of all-in-one superheroes. Most are rich in a number of oils and are ideal for dehydrated skin. They are also gentle and maintain skin’s natural oil content well (the oils cleanse without stripping the skin off its natural oils), thus ensuring skin is left plump and nourished.

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